The long-standing experience in this field allows the firm to offer to Clients an efficient on-going assistance and advisory service in matters involving contracts and commercial agreements including distribution, agency, supply and franchising, sales of goods and services and internet sales (e-commerce).

The Firm is also a leading specialist advisor on Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing sectors, assisting some of the largest global multinational corporations (also based in the USA) in the industry and providing support and advice including: contracts for companies operating in the manufacturing and retail sectors and with door-to-door home salepersons; legal conformity of compensation and marketing Plans and of the sales structures and adaption to Italian laws and regulations.

Through our team and of counsels, we are in the position to provide full assistance, also with respect to the management of any administrative and related accountancy/tax/fiscal aspects pertaining to door-to-door home salepersons, including pay-roll.

The Firm collaborates with the Italian associations of direct and door-to-door home sales sector, offering to its members assistance with respect to any legal/tax/fiscal aspect related to door-to-door home sales/MLM sector.

Firm’s members regurarly attend the annual SELDIA Global Conferences.