CSV LEGAL – Independent Italian Law Firm

Independent Italian law firm

We are an independent Italian law firm assisting national and international clients in business transactions and providing comprehensive legal advice of the highest quality in different areas of law.

Team members

Our team members come from different work experiences, both from large international Firms, Italian and foreign, or from mid-sized and boutique style Firms.

They have developed significant experience providing their services in a cross-practice context, through the participation in national and cross-border transactions that have required close cooperation and coordination with professionals from different legal areas.

Business-oriented approach

We adopt a business-oriented approach when assisting our Clients, also pondering the possible most efficient solutions for the case at hand. We do this by focusing on time, costs saving, and feasibility of the solutions.

Main offices

With main offices in Milan and Rome, and through an alliance with selected international law Firms and memberships with international Associations, we can assist Clients through-out Europe and the USA.